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Through its institutional grade research offering, Economics Uncovered unpacks the current state of, and outlook for, the US economy, helping you to make better decisions for today, and plans for tomorrow.

This is achieved via regular, timely and comprehensive research on key macroeconomic indicators (including inflation, the employment market, GDP and related economic data) and monetary and fiscal policy.

In addition to previewing, forecasting, and unpacking the latest economic data, Economics Uncovered goes a step further, providing an in-depth analysis of the outlook for Fed policy and the potential implications for financial markets.

Economics Uncovered’s institutional grade research offering will save you countless hours of your own valuable time, improve your understanding of the economy and its outlook, and provide insights are likely to challenge your own thinking.

In the right hands, a premium subscription to Economics Uncovered should not only pay for itself, but its benefits should exceed the cost of a subscription, many times over.

Over 2,500 individuals have currently subscribed to Economics Uncovered, including institutional investors across dozens of firms worldwide. This includes employees from: Australian Super, Baker Street Advisors, CBUS Super, Cooper Investors, Eurizon Capital, Federated Hermes, Handelsbanken, HSBC, Morgan Stanley, Morningstar, Perpetual, Scotia Bank, Stifel, UBS, Verde Asset Management, and Wilson Asset Management.

An independent research offering that you can trust

Amidst a sea of politically tainted economic analyses, Economics Uncovered is an independent research publication that is unaffiliated with any political organisations and is 100% subscriber funded.

This ensures that Economics Uncovered can fulfill its mission to be a trusted provider of unbiased, data driven economic insights that unpack the US economy, and help you to get ahead.

Economics Uncovered was founded by Steven Anastasiou, a former sell-side research analyst, who being dismayed by the poor understanding of the inflation implications that would stem from enormous post-COVID money printing, began planning an independent, unbiased, data driven macroeconomic research service, which ultimately became Economics Uncovered.

Some additional detail on what you can expect

On a monthly basis, you can expect to receive the following research reports at a minimum: US Jobs Report Review; US CPI Preview; US CPI Review; and a US PCE Price Index Review.

Economics Uncovered’s US CPI reports contain Steven Anastasiou’s own proprietary forecasts, with his track record dating back to January 2023 available below:

In addition to these monthly reports, you can expect to receive a Quarterly US Inflation Update (which includes an update to Steven’s medium-term US CPI forecast, which currently covers all of 2024), and a Quarterly Global Economic Update.

While summaries are provided and reports are broken down into specific segments to allow for easy reading, each of these reports represent comprehensive updates, which often spans thousands of words, whilst quarterly reports are often 20-30+ pages long.

Please note that this represents the minimum level of research that is released.

In addition to this minimum stipulation, a subscription to Economics Uncovered will also give you access to regular ad-hoc updates on important economic topics as they arise. Past examples of such reports include: the latest Treasury refunding announcement, and the impact of the BLS’ changed methodology for calculating owner’s equivalent rent (OER).

The best way to understand the level of research content that you can expect to receive by subscribing to Economics Uncovered, is to view the research archive.

A particular focus on inflation, with a strong track record

While providing insights across the economy as a whole, a particular focus of Economics Uncovered is to break down what’s happening with inflation, and where it’s likely to head.

Steven has written extensively on inflation, with his greater focus on the money supply enabling him to accurately predict where inflation is headed, well in advance of the broader market.

While working as a sell-side research analyst in August 2020, with inflation not even on the widest outskirts of most people’s radars, Steven publicly warned that in light of the enormous increase in the US money supply, that gold wasn’t going to be the only commodity to see higher prices, instead, he warned that the expansion in the money supply would “flow on to all commodities, and eventually all prices within the economy”.

Steven first began to warn of higher inflation well before it was on most people’s radars — the above is an excerpt from a report I wrote in August 2020.

After first calling out that higher inflation was on the way in 2020, in September 2022, when most were extremely concerned about the outlook for inflation, Steven published his first report for Economics Uncovered, writing that in the absence of another large spike in energy prices, annual US CPI inflation was likely to have peaked in June 2022.

Part of the Abstract from the September 2022 special report on inflation, Follow the Money

Throughout 2023, Steven regularly articulated via ongoing updates to his medium-term US CPI forecasts and monthly US CPI Previews/Reviews, that inflation was set to fall materially in 2023.

As opposed to just keeping you up-to-date on inflation, a premium subscription to Economics Uncovered will keep you one step ahead, where by delving deeply into the impact of Fed policy, federal government deficit spending and bank lending on the money supply (which leads prices), Steven will aim to warn of any likely major shift in inflation, well in advance of it actually occurring.

The price

While free subscribers may receive short snippets of some research updates, only premium subscribers will have full access to Economics Uncovered.

A premium subscription to Economics Uncovered costs US$39/month or US$399/year.

If you are unsure about whether Economics Uncovered is right for you, remember, there are no lock in contracts. If you subscribe to the monthly plan and decide that Economics Uncovered isn’t what you’re looking for, you can simply cancel your subscription before the next monthly billing cycle begins.

Alternatively, if you purchase a monthly subscription and realise the enormous value that Economics Uncovered provides, you can upgrade your subscription to an annual plan, which will save you ~15% versus paying monthly.

Important disclaimer—this may affect your legal rights:
Economics Uncovered is an economics research publication and is not investment advice. This economics research represents the author’s own analysis, opinions and views, is general in nature, and does not constitute personal advice to any person.
While research may make mention of potential financial market implications, this analysis is general in nature, is not investment advice and is only provided for informational and educational purposes in order to explain the potential impacts of potential economic policy and economic data outcomes. Any mention of potential financial market implications does not constitute personal advice to any person.
While research utilises data which is considered to be reliable, the author has not independently verified the accuracy of the data utilised.
While the author takes care to try and ensure that the figures, data and information presented within research reports are accurate and free of errors, reports may contain errors or omissions that may become apparent after this research has been published.
Furthermore, reports may contain forward-looking statements, which are subject to inherent variability and are subject to risks and uncertainties. Forward-looking statements may be identified by the use of terminology, including, but not limited to, ‘anticipate’, ‘estimate’, ‘expect’, ‘may’, ‘forecast’, ‘trend’, ‘potential’ or similar words. Forward-looking statements are based on current expectations and reflect judgements, assumptions and estimates and other information available as at the date made. Forward-looking statements do not represent guarantees and are subject to significant uncertainties which may cause actual results to differ materially from the forecasts expressed in a report. As such, Economics Uncovered cautions against reliance on any forward-looking statements.
Steven Anastasiou does not represent, warrant or guarantee expressly or impliedly, that the data and information contained in a research report is complete or accurate. Steven Anastasiou does not accept any responsibility to inform you of any matter that subsequently comes to my attention, which may affect any of the information contained in this research. Steven Anastasiou does not accept any obligation to correct or update the information or opinions contained in this research. Steven Anastasiou does not accept any liability (whether arising in contract, in tort or negligence or otherwise) for any error or omissions in this document or for any resulting loss or damage (whether direct, indirect, consequential or otherwise) suffered by the recipient of this document or any other person.

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